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"Good Stuff ... very inspirational"Joe Walsh, President/CEO, Yellow Book USA

Author Tom "Terrific" Schenck is a Wellness Performance Expert and the founder of the
Superhero Group. ​This incredible workbook was written to inspire all readers to achieve
their highest level of success.

Are you ready to ...
*Stimulate your life's priorities?
*Command daily success?
*Rocket past your competitors?
*Ignite your super powers?
*Unleash boundless emotional energy?
*Smash through your adversity?
*Energize your professional skills?
*Crush the villains in your life, such as negative thinking, low test scores, troubles home life, procrastination, indecision, dishonesty, selfishness, hate, anger, etc.

​This outstanding resource can be used for students attending middle/high schools, alternative education, and juvenile detention centers.