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 Recognizing,  educating, and  promoting the  benefits of good  character to  students,  parents, and  communities.
The NCEF 14-Year Educational Initiative

The dropout rate in America has become a national concern. There are many findings that indicate what the problems are, from issues with early schooling preparation, truancy, economic needs and even boredom.

NCEF Innovative Comprehensive Program Design
The NCEF has developed a 14-year educational initiative designed to introduce age-appropriate character curriculum from Pre-K to 12th grade.

​The program has two primary goals: to educate students to the benefits of good character, and to reduce the academic gaps that can prevent students from graduating.

Statement of Significance
We believe we can reduce students' dropout rates through a natural progression of character development and academic enhancement. The NCEF program is designed to reduce social and emotional distress that often distracts students from applying themselves to learning at their required grade level.

Problem Statement
​Studies have shown that academic learning gaps begin to develop at the elementary level and when left unchecked increases with each new grade level that prohibits students from achieving at that required level.

Step 1
Grades PK-5
Our research has shown in the elementary grade levels Pre-K through 5 that the students who participated in the NCEF's Award Winning "Caring Habits" Curriculum had measurable increases in key behavioral and academic developmental areas:
• 18.5% Increase in school honor roll
• 22.5% decrease in detentions and suspensions
• State Standardized Science scores increased by 1.9 years
• State Standardized Math scores increased by 1.6 years

The final results showed these students had less behavioral and academic gaps as they entered Middle School.

Step 2
Grades 6th-12th
​The NCEF "Highway to Success" program is designed to provide students a continual pattern of character development with a strong focus on key academic requirements.

​The program success is achieved through its structured goal-setting initiative designed to maximize and promote student self-regulation and goal accomplishment.

​The results showed these students had less behavioral and academic gaps, required less remediation as they entered college, and showed improved workforce development skills.

Supporting Programs for Educators
Diagnostic Teaching Approach for Educators
​The program is designed to assist educators at all levels to periodically detect learning gaps within individual students and groups.  The program concept is to intercede before the educational gaps become too wide a margin for students to overcome.

Supporting Programs for PK-5
​Musical Based Character Education program "Glad to Be Alive"
​The program design combines music and curriculum materials to assist schools in their effort to foster good behavior.  The program also educates and inspires students to do well academically by providing instruction that promotes organizational skills, thinking skills, social skills, and coping skills.

​Supporting Program for Alternative Education "Starting with Me Starting Today"
The program connects adults of influence with groups of students who engage in sessions focusing on student leadership and personal responsibility.