Help us build 10 new Karen Ann Rettig & Dr. Robert Stephen Vandrak  
“Schools of Life”

Thousands of Cambodian children and their families will be blessed by your partnership with us.

Our first school is currently being built on an island near KAMPONG CHHNANG and will be dedicated in the names of Karen and Dr. Bob in January, 2017

 Each new school only cost $10,000 to build, supply, equip with clean water, and staff. 

To sustain and continue educating at the “Schools of Life” the ongoing associated cost is only $175 per month after the first year. 


Please consider being our partner both financially and prayerfully.

Together we will make a much needed positive impact for our world’s most needy children!

Thank You,
Heidi Vandrak/David Rettig


If you or your company would like to donate via check. Please send it to:

NCEF Schools of Life
​502 Perry Highway

Harmony, PA 16037 

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