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NCEF Addresses Today's Dangerous Trends

Internet gambling, cyber bullying, the choking game, and Internet safety are among some of the items the NCEF will address by providing the latest publications, web articles, and surveys dealing with the dangerous trends that today's students are now facing.

Read article on NCEF's statement about teen internet gambling.

External Links

Character Education Resources

Videos, banners, books markers, buttons, and more to help teachers challenge students dig deeper and find the root causes of their struggles:

Youth Development

Help students get involved and ready to be educated, engaged citizens:

Helping young people change our world:

Ideas for doing Random Acts of Kindness that will bringing schools and communities together:

Teens Learn about driving:


Resources to help you learn how to help others learn about respecting others.

Crime Prevention

The National Crime Prevention Council:

Entertainment & Hobbies This site provides a monitored vehicle for sports enthusiasts of all ages to share their favorite highlights and videos with friends and family everywhere.  The goal is to create a social network and to provide quality video content with the ability to view past and current sports videos as well as news and commentary. Content is being monitored regularly to promote a safe website for all ages.

The National Flag Foundation

The Leading Authority of Flag Etiquette, Education, and History for use inall United States Schools:

Health Science Education Activities for Students and Educators
Free interactive resources for students and teachers: