Recognizing,  educating, and  promoting the  benefits of good  character to  students,  parents, and  communities.
Assemblies & Speaking Sessions

To see a list of our presenters, visit our All-Pro Action Team page.

Student Assemblies
Designed to educate, entertain, and motivate, NCEF’s student assemblies identify with issues facing today’s students. Our speakers will reach your students at their own level — even on the toughest issues — through an unforgettable message that will challenge and impact them on the importance of having uncompromising character. For a list of student assemblies 
click here.

​Educator Staff Development Programs
Programs to edify and encourage your staff to the important role they play in the lives of their students. Educators will gain a deeper understanding of today's youth culture and how it affects the classroom. Sessions will impact educators as well as rekindle the love of teaching.

​Parental Symposiums
This program is designed to educate parents to the ever-changing youth culture. Symposiums are designed to help parents understand
​the myriad of outside influences potentially affecting their children and ways they can become more involved in their children's lives.

Classroom Q & A Sessions
Speakers will visit classrooms for a personal question and answer time with your students. Sessions are designed to address the tough issues facing today’s youth or can be tailored to a classroom agenda to meet specific requests.

Curriculum — Linking Character to Education

America’s dropout rate has become a national concern. Issues such as truancy, early school preparation, economic needs, and boredom head a list of problems. NCEF’s curriculum is designed to reduce academic gaps that can prevent students from graduating, while educating students to the benefits of good character.
To see how our character education curriculum meets Pennsylvania state academic standards, click here.