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 Recognizing,  educating, and  promoting the  benefits of good  character to  students,  parents, and  communities.

The mission of the National Character Education Foundation (NCEF) is to recognize educate and promote the benefits of good character to students, parents, and communities.

It is our goal to reach the heart and soul of our children, with messages that deliver the true meaning of personal integrity, respect, and courage.

Our objectives are to encourage the individual pursuit of virtues that adhere to the integrity of love, hope, perseverance, and respect for themselves and others.

It has been our experience that once a child learns the value him or herself, the entire school community benefits.

The NCEF will strive to help students realize the benefits of government and parental authority. Also, immense value of education, and positive and negative affects of personal choices.

With virtues of individual integrity, respect, and courage, they can overcome life’s obstacles and pursue their dreams. Everyone matters and every decision counts.

The NCEF will support educators because they should be valued for their profession.

Assisting in understanding the ever-changing youth culture, educated in identifying the myriad of youth culture messages and paraphernalia.

Assisting in finding solutions to help students realize their full potential.

NCEF believes parents should be appreciated and Learn to understand the influences of today’s youth culture, and to become more involved in the lives of their children.

Discover the value of their children, school, and educators. Be encouraged to attend an NCEF parental symposium with high profile speakers designed to provide information and solutions to student violence, drug/alcohol consumption, and to identify their problems.

The NCEF Mission Statement