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NCEF's 14-Yr Education Initiative

Glad to Be Alive
Caring Habits
Highway to Success

Starting with Me, Starting Today

The Superhero Factor


"The NCEF is a valuable program and extremely instrumental in assisting schools in the ever-increasing need to teach our students the values of good character."

- Sara M.T. Alexander, Principal
West Liberty Elementary, Pittsburgh, PA

"This is the kind of program we need in our district. In light of the many negative issues that challenge a large percentage of students we cannot afford to bypass working with organizations like the NCEF."

- Tim Pail, Counselor South Hills MS

"I have been in education for 35 years employed in six school districts and have never seen programs that connect and care about students like that of the NCEF."

- Rox Serrao, Principal
Kittanning Middle School, Kittanning, PA

"Yesterday, I witnessed something extraordinary happening to my kids. So extraordinary that I called David Rettig from the National Character Education Foundation following their bullying presentation to tell him, that in my 15 years as principal, I have never seen a presentation reach my kids like this one."

- Mark Elisco, Principal George Washington Intermediate School

NCEF's 14-Year Educational Initiative
​NCEF's 14-Year Education Initiative is a comprehensive set of programs and curriculum designed to provide the most effective means of fostering an environment focused on individual character and responsibility.

Caring Habits of the Month Adventure (PK-8)
​Elaine Parke, founder of Caring Habit of Month Adventure, links with the NCEF in distribution of character education curriculum. This is an innovative school performance strategy for students in grades Pre-K-8, that weaves character, academic curriculum, and anti bullying...

Glad To Be Alive (Grades PK-5)
​A Musical Based Character Education Program: This music-based character education program, authored by Dr. Kathryn S. Atman, is a fun and unique method that combines music and curriculum materials to assist schools in their effort to foster good behavior. The program also educates and inspires students to do well academically by providing instruction that promotes organizational skills, thinking skills, social skills, and coping skills.

Highway to Success (Grades 6-12)
A Time Management and Goal Setting Program: Designed to help schools reduce the amounts of high school dropouts and increase behavioral and academic achievement, this structured learning character education-based program prepares students to assume their roles as mature, responsible, citizens in our complex society.

Juvenile Offenders Program

The primary purpose of the program is to assist juvenile offenders as they turn their lives around and become positive members of society. To accomplish this goal, participants will be provided with training and mentoring to assess their personal situations and ways to positively manage their lives.

Starting With Me - Starting Today (Grades 6-12)
Student Leadership / Alternate Education Program: This NCEF Peer-to-Peer Mentoring/Leadership program was designed and will be administered by award-winning author and Teen Talk Show Host, Bill Sanders. The program connects adults of influence with groups of students who engage in sessions focusing on student leadership and personal responsibility.

The Superhero Factor
​Tom "Terrific" Schenck is a Wellness Performance Expert and the founder of the Superhero Group.  This incredible workbook was written to inspire all readers to achieve their highest level of success. This outstanding resource can be used for students attending middle/high schools, alternative education, and juvenile detention centers.