Caring Habits of the Month Adventure

"The Caring Habits program is a way for students to perform better and schools to spend less, advocates say and starting this week, it is being implemented throughout the Ellwood City Area School"
New Castle News - Louise Carroll, August 31, 2005

Caring Habits of the Month Adventure is an innovative school performance strategy for students in grades Pre-K-8, that weaves character, academic curriculum, and anti-bullying...

  • GUARANTEED plan to improve academic performance
  • REDUCED bullying and classroom disruptions
  • RESEARCH documented and proven effective
  • REDUCES Academic gaps and social/emotional dysfunctions
  • LESS DEMANDS ON TEACHER'S TIME lesson with self-motivating format
  • USER FRIENDLY MATERIALS comprehensive, easy to follow teacher's guides and student materials
  • PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT homework elements involve parents and family
  • SUSTAINABLE by saving money with reusable material

Independent Research Studies by Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield and University Of Pittsburgh

*PSSA State Standard Science Scores increased by 1.9 years
*PSSA State Standard Math Scores increased by 1.6 years
*Student Honor Rolls increased by 39%
*Completed Homework increased by 51%
*Student Detention/Suspensions decreased by 22.5%Research Statement

Research Statement
​Five separate University and independent evaluations conducted over 10 years all conclude that Caring Habits creates a positive climate that improves individual student academics and reduces classroom problems.

What is Caring Habits?
The Caring Habit of the Month Adventure is a research-based program designed to assist elementary schools in their effort to promote positive behavior and academic excellence.

PDE Approved
​Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for Accountability Block Grant and 21-Century Funding. The program is available for all Pennsylvania Elementary Schools upon request through the grant process.

Straightforward Method
​The program is divided into nine monthly habit-forming units with one habit emphasized each month. The program content is designed to integrate into the current academic curriculum. Each teacher receives a teacher manual with impromptu lessons that can be adapted to the current school climate or topical issues. 

​The goal is to develop each month as an easy to follow "Brand Name" for one aspect of successful behavior, and to convert each month into one 30-day period to consistently reinforce one theme. Students form habits out of these themes and practice them more often.

Sustainable Program
​The Caring Habits program is designed to reduce cost by providing reusable materials. Generally, the fee structure, after the first year, is nearly 50% less for each subsequent year.

Student Assemblies
​The Caring Habits program offers two student assemblies by the NCEF All-Pro Action Team annually at no extra cost to the school. These assemblies are designed to strengthen and support the overall focus of the Caring Habits lessons.

Professional Services 
NCEF Provides on site Staff Development Programs and continuing professional support services.

Complete Program Materials
All program materials are coordinated and renewed monthly according to the Caring Habits theme. Each month schools, educators, and students receive each of the items listed below.
​Click Here to View a Sample of all Program Materials

Teacher Material
​l• Teacher Activity Book - Click here to view sample of Teacher's 

Activity Book

• How To Manual
• Teacher/Leader Literacy Manual
• Team Guide Small groups
• Inspiration Book for Morning Announcements

Student Material
• Monthly Homework Planners - Click here to view a sample Student's Manual
•Monthly Coordinated Writing Utensi​l
• Monthly Student Promise/Pledge 
​• Work Paper Folders Preschool K-2

Family Material
• Caring Habit Home Thematic Sign
• Caring Habit Home Contract

• Table Tents - Click Here to View A Sample Table Tent

School Material
• School Banners - Click here to view sample School Banner
• Wall Posters - Click Here to View Sample Wall Poster
​• Appreciation Awards

Program Awards
The Caring Habits outcomes have twice earned the Pennsylvania Violence Free Youth Award and the HUD Best Practice Award.

Carefully designed pre- and post-data collection and student, teacher and parent surveys are provided to the schools and are collected and tabulated each year.

Easy Application Process
E-Grant applications can be obtained through the Pennsylvania Department of Education website. The NCEF will assist applicants by providing the program narrative and budget information for all applicants.

To download PDE grant application,click here:

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