Recognizing,  educating, and  promoting the  benefits of good  character to  students,  parents, and  communities.

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​Board of Directors

Michael Gibson- Chairman/Financial Officer

Claudio Reilsono-Board Member

Mike is a graduate of the Denver College of Financial Planning. He has been the owner of several successful businesses, currently a business consulting and tax firm. He holds the position of Chairman on our board; as well as financial officer for our day to day operations. Mike has served as chairman on 2 non profits, and served on the board of 2 others. 

Mike is available to speak to schools, corporations, civic organizations and others on behalf of the NCEF dealing with workplace and tax issues, charitable giving, etc., as well as fundraising, corporate and  charitable tax savings strategies for individuals and businesses.

Michael Forgione- Board Member

Dave Rettig- Founder/Executive Director

David is the Founder of the National Character Education Foundation (NCEF).  He is a former international baseball player, and currently is a talent scout with the Pittsburgh Pirates. David is an authority on issues dealing with bullying, negative trends, and drug/alcohol use.  He has testified before members of the U.S. Senate on youth cultural issues and its effect on academic proficiency.  David presents two very powerful student assembly programs dealing with bullying and the potential dangers of illicit drug/alcohol use.

David's professional development presentation will equip your staff to deal with both the current youth culture and its potentially negative influence on academic proficiency in the classroom.