Norma Purcell

Grade Content: Appropriate for grades 7-12.

Business owner and mother of 7 children, Norma's compelling story of her son's heroin addiction has led to her passion for public awareness regarding drug/alcohol use.  She is a member of the Harrisburg Central Dauphin School District Drug/Alcohol & Safety Education Team, and Vice President of Saving Angels, Inc.  Norma's assembly presentation will leave no doubt in the minds of your students of the destructive outcomes from drug/alcohol use.  Her professional development seminar is very educational and will equip educators to the signs and symptoms of student user behavior.

Jon Pritikin

Grade Content: Appropriate for grades K-12.

Jon is a Guinness Book of World Record Holder.  He is one of the world's strongest men.  Jon is the founder of "Feel the Power", a program addressing bullying and peer pressure issues.  Your students will be captivated by Jon's own personal story of overcoming a speech problem, and the hardships of being bullied as a child.  The assembly program will bring together Jon's incredible story and amazing feats of strength that will leave your students believing everyone is important.
Elaine Parke

Grade Content: A staff development program geared toward grades K-8

Elaine is the author of the book "The Golden Rule Revolution".  She is the creator of the highly researched elementary level character education curriculum "Caring Habits".  She has twenty-five years of successful corporate leadership and public speaking experience.  Elaine's professional development presentation is high energy, and filled with practical ideas that will assist your staff in meeting the day-to-day demands of educating.
Bob Holmes

Grade Content: Appropriate for grades 7-12.

"The One Man Volleyball Team" as seen on "Ripley's Believe it or Not".  This assembly presentation will engage your students like no other program.  Bob will actually single-handedly play your entire school at one time.  Your students will see and experience firsthand how they can beat the odds of life.  Bob delivers a strong uplifting message regarding the problems associated with drugs/alcohol and teen violence/suicide.

Lowell Hochhalter
Grade Content: Appropriate for K-12, Staff Development, Parent Symposiums, Community Speaking Engagements.

Lowell has worked with students for the last 20 years, as a counselor, coach, teacher and communicator. Life Values and the Value of Life are on the top of the list for Lowell. After facing death himself and the near death of two of his children, Lowell can truly speak of a "bad day!" His message of "Life Happens" will motivate students and staff alike to "do the right things to make the right things happen!"

Lowell uses real-life stories to communicate to students the need to rise above circumstances and situations to create a better world for themselves and those around them. Lowell has been involved with drug and alcohol prevention for the past 5 years, working directly with schools and communities to change the social norms that put students "at-risk."

Lowell and his wife Tami have four children of their own and reside in Frenchtown, Montana. Recently, Lowell competed in his first Ironman competition!
Bobby Martin

Grade Content: Appropriate for grades K-12.

Talk about Extreme!  How about 0 to 249 miles per hour in 5.74 seconds?  This assembly program features one of professional racing's fastest drivers.  Your students will enjoy seeing a real professional racecar and listening to a man who understands the meaning of focus.  Bobby's program points out the importance of being focused on schoolwork and the important role it plays in your future.  Bobby is a NHRA Funny Car driver and national spokesman for Daimler Chrysler Corporation.
Tom McGough

Grade Content: A motivational and inspiring staff development program.

Tom is a former Cleveland Indians pitcher, current Plum Area School District Board Member, and motivational speaker. He is the founder of the award-winning, nationally syndicated sports show, "SPORTSWEEK". Tom uniquely blends his professional experiences with very practical real-life lessons that will build synergy and passion for the teaching profession.
Bob Hartman

Grade Content: Appropriate for grades K-6.

Bob is an accomplished storyteller and the author of fifty children's books. His dynamic and interactive style has entertained audiences from around the world. Bob has worked with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, hundreds of area schools and major festivals, including the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Summerset Book Festival in Australia.Bob's program combines traditional folk tales from around the world retold in his fresh, inimitable style with his own stories. He loves to help children create their own stories on the spot. Bob's professional development workshops are designed to enhance educators' ability to communicate and improve their storytelling skills. These programs are always exciting, engaging, and above all, interactive!

Scot Cressman, Ph.DGrade 

Appropriate for grades K-12.  Also available for staff development sessions.

Scot is a former member of the "Power Team", one of the most prolific student motivational programs in the world. He has appeared on ESPN, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Walker Texas Ranger, and major publications throughout the world. Scot is an author and licensed professional counselor who captivates student audiences of all ages with both incredible feats of strength and his genuine regard for our kids. Scot's messages are relevant to our current culture, and range from the power of individual choices, teen dating, bullying, and the importance of academic success. Scot is also an effective motivational staff development presenter.
Robin Cole

Grade Content:
Appropriate for grades K-12.

​A former NFL All-Pro linebacker and two-time Super Bowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Robin's powerful, inspiring presentations combine humor, story-telling and concrete ideas that students can easily understand and implement.
Cary Cavitt
Grade Content:
Appropriate for grades 6-12.  
Also, available for staff development sessions, parental symposiums, and community keynote speaking engagements

Cary Cavitt - Author, Speaker and Founder of "Service Starts with a Smile" seminars. This exciting and highly motivational seminar has now been designed to inspire administrators/educators and students that "learning starts with a smile".Cary’s presentation will help you create an atmosphere of appreciation and success. Your staff and students will gain a better understanding that they are only a smile and a kind word away from achieving personal and professional satisfaction. Cary has 30+ years in the field of customer service. With over 100,000 customers served and speaking to over 2,000 customer groups, Cary travels throughout the US sharing how we all can create lasting friendships and great experiences by simply being nice.
Dennis Bowman
Grade Content:
Appropriate for grades K-8.

Dennis has spent 31 years in public broadcasting as a meteorologist.  He is also an accomplished ventriloquist.  This assembly presentation featuring Dennis' wooden buddy Chester Drawers is laughter-filled while addressing issues of respect, good decisions, and bullying. Dennis is also one of NCEF's staff development presenters.  His powerful, uplifting presentation regarding the teaching profession is filled with laughter and stories that will inspire your staff to a higher level of commitment.
Darwin Benjamin
Grade Content:
Appropriate for 7-12.

Darwin Benjamin is a former high school football star and collegiate athlete who graduated with a B.A. in physical education.  He had a dream to play pro-ball, but due to some life-challenges and poor decision-making, Darwin failed to achieve his dream.  For eight years he became addicted to drugs, alcohol, and a promiscuous lifestyle. The result was complete devastation in his life, culminating in the personal tragedy of watching Natasha, one of his 5-day-old twins, die in his arms due to the effects of drugs and alcohol. Darwin's person life experience has allowed him to specialize in drugs, alcohol, abstinence, gang prevention, and to appreciate life in a positive way! His story is from tragedy to triumph, and will challenge your students in better decision-making.  His humor, transparency, and raw emotion will get the message across all walks of life! He has been awarded the Best Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Award by the San Joaquin County and State of California Governor's Policy Council On Drugs/Alcohol Abuse.  Darwin's theory, "a hard fall means a high bounce when you're made of the right stuff!"
Charlie Aeschliman
Grade Content:
Appropriate for K-12.

Charlie is considered one of the best basketball handlers in the world!  This high-energy assembly presentation is a combination of basketball tricks and life lessons, all choreographed to music.  This NIKE National Festival Basketball Handling Champion and former Navy SEAL will leave your students with an indelible message of the benefits of overcoming life's obstacles, respect for authority, anti-bullying, never giving up, and believing in your dreams.  Charlie has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, and ESPN.
Meet The All-Pro Action Team
"The wake they leave in the lives of the students who hear  them are not mere ripples"...


Steve Haberman

Appropriate for grades K-8. 

Known as “Professor Steve, The Science Magician”.  He has a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. His “Magic Of Science” Program is a high energy, fun-filled, educational show that utilizes magic, science demonstrations, and lots of audience participation to teach kids all about the sciences of physics, math, optics, and chemistry. The goal of the program is to get kids excited about learning more about our world. He talks about electricity, gravity and various other scientific discoveries. The talks are highlighted by interesting demonstrations that are fun to watch and keep the kids entertained.He shows them how science can be an adventure, and how learning can be fun.“The Magic of Science” is also motivational, inspirational, and helps to raise the children’s self-esteem. Steve also has other great school shows. His “Reading is Magic” and “Be Alert to Bullies” shows are also fun and educational! His shows are appropriate for grades kindergarten through eighth.
Tom ‘Terrific’ Schenck

Grade Content: Appropriate for grades K-12.

He's also available for educator, parental, and corporate seminars.

​Tom ‘Terrific’ Schenck portrayed Spider-man for Marvel Comics in New York City. Through these experiences he wrote the nationally acclaimed book, The Superhero Factor. His dynamic presentation, “The Superhero Inside”, inspires children to believe that they were born to be mortal superheroes and that they have the power to crush their personal villains and reach their dreams. This high energy program actively involves the whole audience to discover and share their unique talents. The benefits of this program give simple strategies for developing self esteem and offer students specific tools to combat all forms of bullying.

Tom’s achievements include former Headmaster, National Sales Champion, and founder of The Mary Elizabeth Schenck Educational Fund. Tom has also been a nationally ranked body builder, wrestler in the United States Olympic trials and a marathoner. His compelling programs have inspired students around the country. Tom has been involved in the area Wellness Performance™ for over 30 years. His unique approach to inspiring success to people of all ages and professions, has received national attention. He also holds a graduate degree from Dartmouth College and is available for faculty workshops.

Jordan Gibson

Appropriate for Grades 4-12

When Jordan was 5 years old he picked up drum sticks, and as they say "the rest was history." Being captivated by music and its ability to move people on so many different levels, he decided to follow his dreams, Despite so many people telling him he would never "make it', he never gave up! At the age of 21 he recorded professionally with an internationally known Disney band in Nashville, TN. Using drums and live music (School appropriate) Jordan covers everything from following your dreams, the importance of doing good in school, trusting your teachers, drug use, treating others with respect, and much more! This high energy assembly will certainly have the children dancing, singing and clapping to their favorite songs. Most importantly it will leave them all with a very important message.

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 Recognizing,  educating, and  promoting the  benefits of good  character to  students,  parents, and  communities.

Known for his social media videos and current involvement in many inspirational organizations, Josh is a charismatic and highly motivated speaker. His ability to captivate and relate to the Children is amazing. His inspirational, motivational, anti bullying, anti drug speeches, will leave the children on the edge of their seats. Coupled with his videos, they will not forget where they were that day! He will leave a long lasting impression  that will sincerely change  lives as he has done time and time again!

Josh Gibson

​Appropriate for grades 4-12

Bill Sanders
Grade Content: Appropriate for grades 4-12. 
Also, available for staff development sessions, parental symposiums, and community keynote speaking engagements

​Bill is an author & co-author of 13 books including the Best Seller "Chicken Soup for the Soul".  He has hosted the nationally syndicated television program "Straight Talk from Teens".

Bill has shared the speaker's platform with legendary speakers and personalities including Zig Ziglar, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Paul Harvey, and Presidents Reagan and Ford.

​This student assembly presentation is fast moving, laughter-filled, thought provoking, and for many students a life-changing experience.

​Using real life stories, Bill will address many of the issues facing today's students — including bullying, negative peer pressure, drugs/alcohol use — and will help students create a healthy self-image.

Bill is also one of the most requested professional development presenters.  This laughter-filled straightforward approach to the teaching profession will leave your staff inspired and energized in reaching their students both academically and behaviorally


​David Rettig
Grade Content: Appropriate for grades 4-12.  
Also, available for staff development sessions, parental symposiums, and community keynote speaking engagements.

​David is the Founder of the National Character Education Foundation (NCEF).  He is a former international baseball player, and currently is a talent scout with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

David is an authority on issues dealing with bullying, negative trends, and drug/alcohol use.  He has testified before members of the U.S. Senate on youth cultural issues and its effect on academic proficiency.  David presents two very powerful student assembly programs dealing with bullying and the potential dangers of illicit drug/alcohol use.

David's professional development presentation will equip your staff to deal with both the current youth culture and its potentially negative influence on academic proficiency in the classroom.